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Anti-Spam Form Technology

AgenneSentinel Anti-Spam Form Technology is designed to protect Agenne ecommerce software forms from spambots and human generated form spam using a multi-layered strategy to identify and quarantine spam form entries.

What are spam form entries?
Spam form entries are those that have nothing to do with the reason that the form is present on a page. A spam entry might be something like an advertisement with a link that is entered into an online product review form. There are a variety of reasons that spam entries are delivered to forms by robot and human spammers. One of the primary reasons is also one of the simplest - links. Since web page rank in search engines is, in part, dependent upon the number of pages that link to that page, spammers are paid to create as many online links to a specific page as possible. One way to do this efficiently is to use a program known as a robot to scan the internet for forms that allow visitors to generate online entries, such as guestbooks, product reviews, and other form types. The robots then deliver their link-laden payloads to as many online forms as possible. Form spam costs web merchants time and resources and we find that unacceptable.

What about "Captcha"?
Today, most web-based forms use a system called "Captcha" to force a web site visitor to identify and type the letters and numbers contained in a jumbled graphic image into a form field in order to submit the form. This is not only annoying, difficult-to-use, and inefficient, but it turns out that most Captcha systems' algorithms have been hacked and deciphered by spammers. This allows spam bots to easily bypass this attempt at protection and fill out the form.

The Solution: AgenneSentinel
To defeat spammers, who constantly change their attacks, a simple approach like Captcha won't work. What is needed is an intelligent and easy-to-use approach. To that end, our engineers developed a multi-layered strategy to carefully analyze both the content of the form entry and the origin and behavior of the form entrant, whether human or robot. This technique allows AgenneSentinel to defeat the spammers at their own game.

AgenneSentinel is used exclusively in Agenne ecommerce software to protect our merchants from the inconvenience and expense of form spammers. Just another reason that more online merchants are choosing Agenne ecommerce software to power their online stores.

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