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As Simple as Point and Click!
The web-based, icon-driven user interface makes managing your shopping cart software a breeze! Every function is right at your fingertips within your favorite browser!

Each icon on the main menu leads to other sections of the administrator software. Several of these can be previewed by clicking the links below.

Company and Accounting
This section is where you maintain your company information such as name and address and your billing information including monthly invoices and payments.

Users and Security
In this section, you maintain your users' information and their security access to various parts of the administrator. Using the security features allows you to setup administrator accounts for employees of your company with access rights to only those areas of the administrator which pertain to their jobs. For example, one employee might be able to access order processing, but not be able to view the dashboard.

Manage Agenne Applications
This section of the administrator is used when you are ready to switch the shopping cart software from Test Mode into Live Mode. Simply enter your credit card information on a secure page, click a button and your shopping cart software will be in Live Mode. Note that while in test mode, you may only process test transactions through your credit card gateway.

Help and Support
In the Help and Support section, you can enter an Internet Support Request (ISR), manage any existing ISRs that you may have opened, view the Frequently Asked Questions database, and send us feedback. Throughout the system, you will find context-sensitive help to guide you through managing the shopping cart software.

Cart Settings
Much of the customization of the shopping cart software is managed right from the administrator in the settings section. It's all point and click!

Code Generator See HTML Code Samples
The code generator software is a quick and easy way to create HTML forms called "CartLinks". Note that if you are using CommerceSuite or GiftSuite, the software within each of these suites creates these forms automatically.

Order Processing View Order Processing Screens
View existing orders, ship orders, cancel, edit, and delete orders in the Order Processing section.

Business Intelligence Dashboard View the Dashboard
The dashboard delivers high-end reporting found only in much more expensive systems. Featuring flash-based, interactive business graphics, our business intelligence dashboard puts the power of information at your fingertips. Drill-down reporting allows you to zoom in to as much detail as you wish - all the way to the individual order level. Your web business takes flight with features found only in much more expensive software.

Shipping Charge Settings See Shipping Settings
Our shopping cart software is at your service with 10 options which we call "Shipping Charge Models". Each one allows to you charge a specific amount based on various criteria. For example, you may wish to apply ship charges based upon the total dollar amount of the items in the customer's shopping cart. Or you may want to charge one amount for the first item and a lower amount for every additional item. Or you may wish to offer your customers free shipping.

"How did you hear about us?"
One of the most important things you can do is find out how a customer found your web site to place and order with you. Using this feature, you can setup a blank form field for the customer to fill out when checking out or you can specify a list of choices which the customer will select from a drop-down list.

Customization using Cascading Style Sheets
One of the most important aspects of Registry Valet is its ability to be customized to match the look of any web site. The CSS style name list in the administrator gives you complete control over the look and feel of your registry.

Gift Wrapping Options
If you wish to offer your customers gift wrapping options for items that they order, just click the giftwrap options icon and create custom wrapping options with ease!

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