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View is a component of CommerceSuite and GiftSuite, and it integrates automatically with our shopping cart software.
  • Hosted, On-Demand Software
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive presentation system for creating a rich shopping experience for your customers
  • Create a stunning catalog to show off the items you carry with extreme customizability. Start simple with just your logo and basic page alignment or go all out with our advanced custom HTML page headers & footers, background wallpaper, background color, page width and more!
  • Can be added to any web site with simple HTML links and forms which can be automatically created by our easy-to-use code generator software.
  • Web-based, icon-driven Administrative Management System
  • Supports related items and related categories
  • Supports both hard goods and downloadable products such as software
  • Add related, downloadable files such as .PDF informational documents to any item
  • Add related links to any item
  • Products can be sorted into any order you wish
  • Categories can be sorted into any order you wish
  • "New" category will spotlight your most recent additions and are specified individually
  • Smart Search software suggests possible terms to your customers based on shopper search trends on your site
  • Items can be "linked" to allow, for example, both a hard copy of a software product as well as a downloadable version for purchase on the same page
  • All items may have an unlimited number of user-selectable options such as size, color, finish, or any option you desire
  • Automatic product thumbnail image generation (you upload the main image and the thumbnail will be automatically generated, properly sized, color-corrected, and sharpened)
  • Automatic HTML Meta Tags for title, keywords, and description to improve search engine optimization & visibility
  • Create as many categories and sub-categories as you need and upload as many items as you like!
  • FREE testing and first month of "live" mode is free of charge. SIGN UP TODAY!
  • No obligation - cancel at any time
  • Item status can be managed individually by item and set to "Available", "Temporarily out of stock", "Discontinued", "Call for Pricing", "Not Available for Immediate Shipment", and more. This allows you to carefully control the items that shoppers purchase.
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