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Business Intelligence Dashboard
One of the key benefits of our shopping cart software is the Business Intelligence Dashboard. Below are just a few of the graphs and charts that you will find in the dashboard. Each graph is flash-based and interactive - by passing your mouse cursor over various portions of the graphs, you will see a pop-up window displaying detail information about each chart.

In addition to the interactive graphs showing your shopping cart sales, the dashboard software also provides an array of reports for displaying sales by any date range. sales tax by date range, shipping revenue by date range, abandoned carts, and more.

Customer Insight
CommerceSuite and GiftSuite software also include the Customer Insight panel on the dashboard. This panel displays shopping behavior data such as most popular products viewed, search terms , abandonded cart items, and incomplete order items. Shopping behavior information like this helps you understand which items your customers are shopping for and you can compare that to what they are buying.

The bottom line is that you won't find shopping cart software anywhere with high end features like the Business Intelligence Dashboard for just $59 per month. And you can try it out for FREE - sign up today!

green line

This graph displays aggregate monthly sales by day compared to the previous month's sales for the same day of the month. Pass your mouse cursor over the individual day markers (on the graphs) for detail information.

green line

This graph displays daily sales for each day of the current month.

green line

This graph displays sales for each day of the current month overlaid with a moving average line which presents an effective trend analysis. As with all of the charts, you may pass your mouse cursor over the bars and daily moving average markers to get more detailed information.

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