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Shopping Cart Software Shipping Options

When someone is shopping on your site, they will want to know how much you charge to send their purchases to them. CustomCart shopping cart software is at your service with 10 options which we call "Shipping Charge Models":

First Item/Additional Items
With "First Item/Additional Items", you charge your customer a certain amount for the first item in their shopping cart and a lower amount for each additional item. For example, you might charge $5 for the first item and $1 for each additional item.

Flat Rate by Order
As it's name implies, "Flat Rate by Order" allows you to charge your customer a preset flat dollar amount for their order regardless of the size. So, for example, you might charge $9 for shipping an order, no matter how many of your products the customer buys.

Flat Rate Per Item
If you wish to charge a predefined amount for each item in the customer's shopping cart, select this option. As an example, you might wish to set the amount to $1.50 per item. If they were to buy 3 things, then the freight charge at check out would be $4.50.

Flat Rate by Geographical Zone
For "Flat Rate by Geographical Zone", you first define zones in the software based on US State. You may create up to 51 zones, but 3 - 4 is much more the norm. Then, you assign a preset amount to that zone.

Flat Rate by Product Shipping Class
If you sell widely varying products, then you may wish to select this choice. With this option, you assign all of your products to a set of Product Classes. You might sell very heavy products as well as very lightweight ones. In this case, you would want to create two product classes: "Heavy" and "Lightweight". By setting a higher amount to the "Heavy" class and a lower amount to the "Lightweight" class, you can properly charge to ship your products regardless of which class they are in.

Flat Rate by Zone by Product Shipping Class
If you need the features of both "Flat Rate by Geographical Zone" and "Flat Rate by Product Shipping Class", then this is the model you should choose. With this option, you can create a cross-reference table by zone as well as product class. Although this is a complicated option, our browser-based administrator software will step you through the setup process quickly and easily.

Tiered Pricing by Number of Items Per Order
With the "tiered pricing models", you create a series of tiers, (in this case based on the number of individual products in the customer's shopping cart) and assign a dollar amount to them. For example, a typical set of shipping tiers by number of items per order might be:
  • For 1 - 5 items: $5
  • For 6 - 10 items: $10
  • For 11 or more items: $15
Of course, you may create any number of tiers and assign any charges you wish to them.

Tiered Pricing by Order Dollar Total
One of the most popular choices is "Tiered Pricing by Order Dollar Total". With this model, you define tiers of order totals and assign shipping charges to those tiers. For example, you might define your tiers as follows:
  • $0.01 - $50: Shipping charge: $4.95
  • $50.01 - $100: Shipping charge: 9.95
  • $100.01 - $150: Shipping charge: 14.95
  • Orders over $150: Shipping charge: 19.95
Of course, you may define as many tiers as you like and assign any shipping charge to that tier.

Percentage of Order Dollar Total
Some online businesses charge their customers a percentage of the order total to ship the items. In this case, you simply set the percentage that you will charge and the software does the rest. For example, you might set the percentage to 5%. If a customer places an order for $100, they are charged $5 (which is 5%).

Free Shipping
What could be simpler (or less expensive) than free shipping? In this case, the customer is not charged to ship their order when they check out.

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Shipping Overrides
In some cases, you may wish to offer your customers a reward for their business and we allow you a number of ways to accomplish this.

Free Shipping Based on Order Total
One of the most popular shipping overrides we offer is for free shipping if the shopping cart total exceeds a preset amount. For example, you may wish to offer your custmoers free shipping if their order total is more than $100. Of course, you may set this threshold to any amount you wish.

Percent Discount Based on Order Total
You could also give a percentage discount based on the overall total and even offer tiered discounts. So, if someone buys $100 worth of your items, they could get a (for example) 10% discount. If they add more to their shopping cart and get the total up to $150, you could give them a 12% discount. This way, you encourage higher order totals.
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