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CustomCart Shopping Cart Software CustomCart Standard Edition
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shopping cart features
  • Hosted, On-Demand Shopping Cart Software
  • Industry-Standard SSL Security
  • QuickBooks Compatible (Using Intuit web connector)
  • Web-based, icon-driven Administration System
  • 11 Shipping Charge Models
  • Optional Shipping Charge Overrides
  • Optional Shipping Surcharge for large items
  • Streamlined Checkout Process for fewer abandoned carts
  • Compatible with Soft goods and downloads like software
  • Supports Subscriptions/Memberships
  • Supports unlimited item options (color, size, etc)
  • Supports "Sold in sets of..." pricing
  • Supports non-taxable items such as services or classes
  • Extensive promotional code system for sales targeting
  • Multi-Currency support ( $, €, £ )
  • Optional Minimum Order Requirement
  • Supports discounts based on order total
  • Inventory Management (GiftSuite/CommerceSuite)
  • Product Reviews System (GiftSuite/CommerceSuite)
  • Accepts Credit Cards in Real Time
  • P.O. & C.O.D order payment options
  • Includes Reference PO # with Credit Card orders
  • Free and Unlimited Technical Support
  • Fully Integrates with Registry Valet
  • Full Order Processing Capability
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard & Reporting
  • Complete Order Editing Functionality
  • Fully Supports Google Adwords keyword advertising
  • Sales Tax Options
  • Supports B2B sales with tax exemption
  • Extremely Customizable Shopping Cart Pages
  • Simple HTML Setup
  • Unlimited Gift Wrap Options
  • Free, Unlimited Testing Time
  • Custom Display Blocks on shopping cart pages
  • Includes Personalization/Customization Options
  • Bulk Item Copy and Delete (GiftSuite/CommerceSuite)
  • Extensive SEO Features (GiftSuite/CommerceSuite)

Hosted Shoppping Cart Software blueline
Our software is hosted on our high-speed servers and requires only simple HTML forms and links to connect to your web site.
Nothing to download or install, just connect your web site to our system via simple HTML forms and links (that our code generator will provide for you) and you are ready to start selling online!

Hosted shopping cart software is sometimes called "On Demand" or "Software as a Service".

Industry Standard SSL Security blueline security
CustomCart uses industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure fully secure checkout and data integrity and conform to the highest standards of internet security. You won't find more secure shopping cart software anywhere.

Quickbooks Compatible blueline
Using Intuit's web connector system allows Quickbooks to download and import your online orders and their associated customer data any time you like. The web connector can even be set to automatically download orders and customers periodically throughout the day.

Whether you are using QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS accounting software, using the Intuit web connector system to download your orders makes keeping your accounting in sync with your shopping cart software almost effortless.

Web-Based Administration System blueline
Our web-based icon-driven adminstration system is easy and intuitive to use and includes complete design control of your customers' shopping experience, shipping charge setup, full order processing capabilities including partial order shipping and tracking, automated customer emails and more. It makes managing your shopping cart system a snap!

The administrator gives you full security control over who can access which operations. Create user accounts for anyone you choose and authorize them to access only those functions within the administrator that you want them to use.

11 Different Shipping Charge Models blueline
  • First Item/Additional Items
  • Flat Rate per order
  • Flat Rate Per item
  • Flat Rate by geographical zone
  • Flat Rate by product class
  • Flat Rate by geographical zone by product class
  • Tiered Pricing by number of items
  • Tiered Pricing by dollar total
  • Tiered Pricing by order weight
  • Percentage of order total
  • Free shipping
A shipping charge model is a method of defining how much you will charge to ship orders to your customers. For simplicity, the world is divided into three main areas: United States, Canada, and all other countries. Within the administrator, you may setup different models for each of these areas. All 10 models are available for the US. For Canada and other international destinations, some models are not available.

Shipping Charge Overrides blueline
With all shipping models, there are additional charges which can be applied. For example, you may wish to offer free shipping to your customers if their total exceeds a preset amount. You may also add a surcharge for Alaska and Hawaii shipments.

Shipping surcharge for heavy or oversized items blueline
With all shipping models, there is an optional additional surcharge which can be applied to cover your freight costs for heavy or oversized items. This surcharge is applied on a per item basis and shows clearly in the shopping cart at the time that an item is added. This helps to let the customer know that due to the weight or size of the item, there will be an additional charge.

Streamlined Checkout Process blueline
Some shopping cart software weighs down the shopper with page after page of information and questions during check out. Our streamlined checkout process speeds the shopper through to the final receipt page. By eliminating unnecessary steps and combining functions, this streamlining will help reduce lost sales due to customers abandoning their shopping cart.

Fully Compatible with Soft Goods blueline
Also called "E-Goods", soft goods are items that you sell which customers can purchase and download. A good example is computer software. When you setup an HTML product page, you create what we call a "CartLink". CartLinks are forms that submit requests to the shopping cart to add an item. CartLinks can be setup to allow the shopper to buy either hard goods or soft goods (such as computer software for download) or even give the shopper a choice.

Supports Subscriptions/Memberships blueline
In addition to soft goods, subscriptions and memberships are also supported. This allows a web retailer to sell subscriptions or memberships just as if they are real items, except that there is no shipping charge associated with them. Subscriptions can still be taxed if your state requires charging tax for non-material items.

Unlimited Item Options blueline
Do you sell things that come in various sizes, colors, shapes, finishes, etc.? If so, you need commerce software that can handle any number of options. You can sell products with no limit on the number of options (such as color) and no limit on the number of option choices (such as "red").

Our CartLink generator will even create the HTML for you with the options you specify. Item options can also adjust the price of the item. You might wish to define some options to increase the price of the item and other options which decrease the price.

Supports "Sold in sets of..." pricing blueline
Sometimes, items come in "assorted sets", meaning that a set of similar products in a certain quantity is sold as a single unit, but priced individually. For example, you might sell a set of four Holiday-themed coffee mugs. Each is slightly different, perhaps with different holiday graphics, but they are sold only in sets of 4. You can price them individually (say, $6 each), but sell them only in the set of 4 for a total of $24. Once a set like this has been added to the shopping cart, the shopper may only change quantities by 4 at a time.

Supports Non-Taxable Items blueline
Does your web business sell non-taxable items such as services or memberships? If so, we are here with full support for both taxable and non-taxable items. You can setup a special field wthin the "CartLink" (small HTML form to submit a transaction to the shopping cart) or, if you are also using CommerceSuite or GiftSuite, you can simply check a box within the administrator and the shopping cart takes care of the rest for you.

Extensive promotional code system for sales targeting blueline
Would you like to offer special sales or discounts to certain customers? If so, you need to be able to offer a promotional code to to those customers, perhaps in a mailing or other advertisement. The promotional code system easily handles this kind of situation. Create any promotional code you like using a combination of numbers and letters along with a percentage discount and a starting date and ending date and shopping cart software does the rest!

And you can run multiple promotions at the same time, each with its own promo code and discount percentage. In addition, you can run a report of sales by date by promotional code to measure the effectiveness of each promotion!

Setup promotional codes by product to allow sales which target a specific product or group of products using either a percentage or dollar amount.

Multi-Currency Support blueline
Does your business need to sell items in Euros or British Pounds? We support multiple currencies including US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds with ease. The code generator allows you to specify which currency you will be using.

Optional Minimum Order Requirement blueline
You may specify a minimum order amount which will not allow your customers to continue to checkout without meeting your minimum dollar requirement. The optional minimum amount can be changed or removed at any time.

Supports discounts based on order total blueline
You can set threshold levels which trigger automatic percentage discounts! For example, you can set a threshold total of $100 and if your customer's order totals $100 or more, they get a percentage discount you have preset, 5% for example. And you can create multiple threshold levels. This encourages larger orders since the more your customer buys, the more they save.

Inventory Management blueline
GiftSuite and CommerceSuite include 3 options for inventory management for maximum flexibility and customization of the shopping cart software.
  • Basic, which tracks only the on-hand quantity and updates when a order is placed
  • Advanced, which tracks on-hand, committed qty, re-order points and more. It updates committed qty when an order is placed and updates on-hand qty when an order is shipped.
  • None, which disables inventory tracking
Accepts Credit Cards in Real Time blueline
CustomCart works with 18 major payment gateways:
  • ACH Direct
  • Authorize.Net
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Elavon
  • First Data
  • Global Payments
  • Innovative Merchant Solutions
  • JetPay
  • Network Merchants
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Sage Payment Solutions
  • Stripe
  • TransFirst
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
  • USA ePay
  • Vista Processing
  • X-Charge
This payment gateway integration means that your web site will be able to accept credit cards in real time. Most major banks, through which you must have a credit card merchant account, work with one of these payment gateways. If you do not have a credit card merchant account, we recommend Stripe. Stripe is a fully integrated credit card payment solution which does not require a merchant account. Stripe's fees are low and getting started is quick and easy. For more information about Stripe, visit Another alternative where no merchant account is required is PayPal Payments Standard.

Free, Unlimited Technical Support Technical Support
Get free and unlimited technical support when you sign up for our shopping cart software. Our support team is available by phone, email, and Internet Support Request (ISR). Whether you are just setting up, need help with HTML, or need help changing settings, our support team is available to help. And all of our phone support is US-based.

Automatic Integration with Registry Valet blueline
Automatic integration with our Registry Valet software provides full featured gift registry service and convenience for your customers and can be configured as a bridal registry, gift registry, or wish list. Learn more about Registry Valet by visiting

Full Order Processing Capability blueline
Full order processing system includes the ability to mark orders as shipped (including the sending of an automatic confirmation email to the customer), and cancel, un-cancel, and delete orders as necessary.
The open order ledger keeps you up-to-date on order status and is fully capable of managing partial order shipments, retaining the balance as an "open order".
We also include a fully customizable "order status" page which allows your customers to access their shipping status information
including the shipment tracking number and other details.

Business Intelligence Dashboard blueline
We deliver high-end reporting found only in much more expensive systems. Featuring flash-based, interactive business graphics, our business intelligence dashboard puts the power of information at your fingertips. Drill-down reporting allows you to zoom in to as much detail as you wish - all the way to the individual order level. Make your web business take flight with features found only in much more expensive systems!
(Click for close-up)

Complete Order Editing Functionality blueline
Edit bill-to and ship-to addresses along with items and quantities with ease using the administrator's order editing system.

Integrated Google Adwords Capability blueline
google Google Adwords is directly integrated with our software. When a shopper finds your site via a Google Adwords campaign, Google is alerted that a sale has been made so that you may track the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Sales Tax Options blueline
Sales tax can be setup to charge by state. In addition, you may specify charging sales tax on shipping charges. Some states, such as Florida, require merchants to charge sales tax on these charges.

Supports B2B sales with tax exemption blueline
Does your web business sell to other businesses? if so, you need shopping cart software with the ability to accept a tax ID for tax exempt sales. The shopping cart software fully supports B2B sales and tax exempt status for your customers. If your customers are making a tax-exempt purchase, they may enter their tax ID and sales tax will not be added to their order. And the order processing system will show you which orders are tax exempt and store the customer's tax ID for your business records.

Extremely Customizable Shopping Cart Pages blueline
When a customer is shopping on your site, their shopping experience is an indicator of who you are as a company so making sure that the checkout process matches the rest of your website is extremely important. Featuring complete design flexibility, individual shopping cart pages can be fully customized using your own custom HTML Page Headers, Page Footers, background wallpaper or color, or your company logo.
By making use of cascading style sheets in your custom page headers, the look and feel of each button, link, text block, background, and more can be customized for each step in the shopping and checkout process. This allows the shopping cart software to maintain a consistent look and feel with the rest of your web site, presenting a cohesive shopping experience to your site visitors. moreinfo

Simple HTML Setup blueline
Simple HTML forms and links are all that is required to add a shopping cart to your web site. Our code generator will automatically create the form that you need to copy and paste into the HTML pages of your site.

Or, if you are also using CommerceSuite or GiftSuite, the "Add to Cart" buttons are generated automatically by the system. Setting up our shopping cart software on your web site is a snap!

Unlimited Gift Wrap Options blueline
Create your own gift wrapping options and offer them to your customers at checkout time. This option also allows the shopper to sepcify the text that they would like to have on an enclosed card. Create as many different gift wrapping options as you like.
If you sell gift items on the internet, you need gift wrap options and we give you the tools you need to accomplish it!

Free, Unlimited Testing Time blueline
When you sign up for our shopping cart software, you may take as long as you like to setup and test it with your web site at no charge. This allows you to fully explore the features of the software and to implement it for your e-commerce site exactly the way you want.
When you "go live", your first month of full service is completely free of charge. There is NO setup fee, NO contracts, and NO obligation. You may cancel your service at any time without penalty of any kind.
We want to make sure that you are absolutely satisfied with the software before you begin to pay our low monthly service rate.

Custom Text Display Blocks blueline
At each step in the buying process, from the "view cart contents" page, through secure checkout, and including the receipt page and confirmation email, you may specify any text you wish to appear on these individual pages. Use these custom text display blocks to alert your customers about anything you wish from return policies to special sales to new product announcements. You may use any HTML you wish in these blocks to enhance your text with color, bolding, italics, etc.

Includes Personalization/Customization Options blueline
Do you sell products that can be personalized or customized? Personalizations such as monogramming, engraving, and other customizations are handled as easily as adding a product option with our software.

Bulk Item Copy and Delete blueline
Manage large numbers of products easily in both GiftSuite and CommerceSuite software using the bulk copy and delete functions. Quickly copy a list of items to other parts of your web catalog or delete large numbers of items with ease.

Extensive Search Engine Optimization Features blueline
GiftSuite and CommerceSuite systems both make extensive use of common search engine optimiation (SEO) features such as image alt tag support, automatic page titling, meta description tags, meta keywords tags and even our own mouse-tracking popup windows for additional keywording and text oppotunities.

Product Reviews System blueline
Your customers can submit their own reviews of the products you carry. You have full control over which reviews are published and you can delete and edit them at any time.