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Shopping Cart Software Quick Facts

$59 per month
Yes, it's only $59 per month for CustomCart Standard Edition Shopping Cart Software. There is no limit to the number of transactions that you may process using our system. We believe that secure shopping cart software does not have to be expensive. Major features include secure checkout functionality, a real time, business intelligence dashboard with interactive, flash-based business graphics, at-a-glance key indicators, and a library of pre-defined reports. There are no additional charges. There is no setup fee. There are no transaction fees. There are no hidden fees. There is no obligation to continue using the software - you may cancel your service at any time.

Fully Secure
Customers demand complete security when shopping on your website. That's why we use industry-standard SSL secure encryption. How this works is that the shopper's browser establishes a secure connection with our commerce servers. You might notice that the URL in the address bar of the browser when in secure mode starts with "https://". In addition, you will see a locked padlock icon in the lower right corner of the browser when you have a secure connection. While in this secure session, the browser is automatically encrypting all of the data that is sent to the server and the server is encrypting everything that it sends back to the browser.
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Hosted, On-Demand Shopping Cart Software
CustomCart is an online web application (also known as a "Hosted Application" or "On-Demand Software") to which you connect through the use of standard HTML forms we call "CartLinks". There is nothing for you to download or install - it is all done online using a setup wizard! When a customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button on your web site, they are instantly transferred to our system which manages the contents of their shopping cart. Fully secure checkout means that your site can be built with standard HTML, giving you maximum design flexibility!

Hosted Solution

Connects to your Existing Web Site
Nothing to download or install, just place simple HTML forms on your existing web site using our easy-to-use code generator.

Is there an online catalog system that integrates with CustomCart?
Yes, if you want to have an integrated, fully-featured product catalog, please visit the CommerceSuite web site, our integrated shopping cart and catalog. CommerceSuite combines shopping cart software and our "View" online catalog system along with our Mailing List Manager. Mailing List Manager is included free of charge and can automatically collect email addresses from customers as they check out if they wish to be included in your mailing list.

Gift Registry
CustomCart integrates directly with our gift registry software system. ComboSuite system is a combination of our shopping cart software and gift registry software. For more information about Registry Valet, click: gift registry software.

Free and Unlimited Technical Support
You can get FREE and UNLIMITED technical support by phone and email 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). In addition, we offer FAQs and support forums to help you get started.

Supports foreign currencies?
CustomCart supports purchases made with British Pounds, Euros, and dollars (both US and Canadian).

Unlimited options and option choices
There is no limit to the number of options (such as color, size, etc.) that you may define for an item, that you sell, no limit to the number of option choices (such as red, large, etc.) and each option can increase or decrease the price of the item based on an amount you define. For example, if you sell T-shirts with a price of $14 each, but XXL and XXXL sizes cost $16, you can have the shopping cart automatically add the $2 difference to the cose. Similarly, if the "extra small" size is only $12, the shopping cart can subtract $2 if the customer chooses that size.

Supports soft goods and downloadable items
CustomCart offers full support for soft goods (or downloadable products) such as software. The main difference between selling a soft goods item and a hard goods item is the shipping charge. Shipping charges are automatically suppressed on soft goods.

Ability to sell classes, service programs and other service-oriented items
CustomCart fully supports non-shippable, non-taxable items such as classes and service-oriented items.

Accepts credit cards in real time
CustomCart supports X-Charge, AuthorizeNet, Innovative Merchant Solutions, PayPal, TransFirst and many other credit card payment gateways. To activate any of these gateways, you simply enter your secure key and merchant account number into the Administrator interface and you are ready to go! If you decide to use PayPal, you do not need a credit card merchant account - just open a PayPal Business Account.

Automatic Order Alerts
There are two ways to know when a customer has made a purchase. First, you may specify an email address that you would like an "alert" sent to. Then, when an order is placed on your site, you are automatically sent an email. The second way, is to check your open order list in the Administrator.

Customer Confirmation Email
Your customer receives a confirmation email when the order is placed and you can optionally send your customer an email when the order ships. The confirmation email includes a customizable block where you can display text and graphics right in the body of the email. You can also use HTML code.

Customer Shipping Confirmation Email
Your customer receives a confirmation email when you mark an order as shipped. This confirmation is optional and selected when you ship an order.

Real Time Order Status
Also included is an "Order Status" page where the customer enters their order number and billing zip code. The system will then display their order along with the status. When an order is placed, the status will be set to "Awaiting Shipment". Once the order has shipped, the status becomes "Shipped on (date shipped)" along with their shipment tracking number. The order status system also displays the shipping address and all related details.

Complete Design Flexibility
CustomCart gives you the design flexibility to make your shopping cart match your website as closely as possible. For starters, you can create a custom HTML page header that CustomCart will display at the top of every page. You may use HTML, java, javascript, or flash to create a custom page header that looks any way you wish. In the same way, you can create a custom page footer with the same kinds of design tools as the header. You may also specify a page wallpaper image for backgrounds. Finally, all text, tables, links, and buttons, virtually every element in the shopping cart software has CSS stylenames. You may override the default style of any element throughout the shopping cart and checkout system. This allows you to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Promo Code Support
The promotional code system allows you to create as many different promotional codes as you like, each with their own unique discount percentage, start date and end date. Promotional codes allow you to do targeted sales marketing which can dramatically increase your sales.

All software upgrades are free of charge
Although our software is upgraded frequently, you are never charged for any upgrade. Most feature requests are also free. For example, some clients have asked for special features and these feature upgrades are generally done completely free of charge. Contact us for more information about new features.
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